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Content marketing is the lifeblood of digital marketing

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content marketing

Content Marketing

Content is the lifeblood of all digital marketing.

Content Strategy

There’s no point in generating content for the sake of generating content. You must have a clear Content Strategy

Foundational Content

Your #1 priority is to make sure you’ve got a really good website that describes all the foundational things that you do.

Thought Leadership Content

This is all the topical information that really brings you to the fore in terms of being an expert in your field.

Lead Funnels & Magnets

This is a high-level synopsis of the technical and content requirements needed to capture and nurture leads.

Our roadmap to your content success

content marketing

Different strokes for different folks

Everybody is different and people learn differently so it’s important to provide all levels of content in lots of different formats:

  • Do it in a blog, do the next one in a video
  • Provide high level summaries and then provide all the detail

Don't Outsource

Our motto is that nobody can create content as well as you can, so don’t outsource it! You owe it to your customers and potential customers for the ideas, information, advice and guidance that come out of your head (the content from others is never good enough). You can use others to type it up, spruce it and get it live, but the core ideas and messages need to come from you.

content promotion

Share the love and promote your content

Most people, by nature, are shy and don’t feel they have great ideas to share. You’re wrong – completely wrong. A life time of experiences makes you unique and very knowledgeable. It’s time to share them and promote your content:

  • On social channels where your target audiences are (not where they’re not)
  • On email with leads and clients
  • On blog sites & on media sites
content quality

Value proposition quality over quantity

Your content is all about adding value to the people you want to serve. Every bit of content you create needs to add value that aligns with your value proposition. This part is really important – define what value you want to add, then create content that helps add a little bit of this value with every piece you develop.

Number one rule in content is quality over quantity. Produce great content, not okay or mediocre content. Produce it for your target audience, not because an SEO agency tells you too. Demonstrate how good you are by sharing the amazing knowledge you have built up over your life time of experience, through success and failure.

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