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First All-in-One Digital Marketing SaaS platform in Kenya.

Founded in early 2020, the year that awakened the dormant business ideas. 3techagency had an idea that would transform the way digital marketing operations are undertaken in Kenya. The digital marketing industry in Kenya has been valued at $60 million dollars as of the year 2020.

Most businesses are embracing the art of internet marketing & advertising to grow their business & expand their market reach, these has seen a 40% growth of digital marketing agencies in Kenya.

As 3techagency we won’t brag as the best digital marketing agency in Kenya but we can brag as the First All-in-One Digital Marketing SaaS platform in Kenya.


When we talk of our SaaS Platform (Software as a Service) we refer to a self service platform integrated with marketing, analytics, reporting, accounting, & business intelligence tools that help you get through the marketing journey the smart way.

We have reduced the hassle of dealing with layers of staff, delayed deliveries, pricing changes, inaccurate reporting & analytics data & give you the opportunity to operate your marketing need under one place all by your self.

Imagine one dashboard where you can:

  1. Schedule social media posts to all accounts.
  2. Connect Quick Books & monitor your spending.
  3. Schedule Meetings with Zoom & Google Meet.
  4. Add all your analytics accounts from Google Analytics to Facebook Ads Performance Metrics.
  5. Design websites all by yourself no coding skills required.
  6. Get daily digest of your business performance.

& much more…. cool right?

Great! time to hop in & take your business to the next level.

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