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How To Bulk Edit Products, Prices and Attributes on WooCommerce — WordPress

Bulk Edit Products, Prices and Attributes

If your store has a large number of products, it becomes difficult to edit, update as well as manage those products individually. For example, if you have products with lots of variations, it is a difficult task to update all the attributes and variations to the products. This Bulk Edit plugin helps to do the bulk editing job easier with a lot of bulk editing options and support for any product related properties.


Here are some of the major highlights of this plugin:

  • Bulk Edit Products: You can bulk edit/update product properties like –
  • Product title
  • Product SKU
  • Product visibility
  • Featured product
  • Change Product Type
  • Shipping class
  • Description action
  • Short description action
  • Product image
  • Product gallery images action
  • Product Visibility Status
  • Sale Price and Regular Price
  • Managing stocks
  • Stock quantity
  • Allowing backorders
  • Stock status
  • Product Length, Width, Height, and Weight
  • Global & Custom product attributes
  • Tax status & Tax class
  • Interchange Attribute Values of Product Variations
  • Create Variations from All Attributes
  • Category actions
  • Delete action
  • Product Filters: The plugin provides filters to bulk edit products by product title, product tags, product types, stock status, product categories (optional sub-categories), global product attributes, product regular price(s), and Description & Short description.
  • Undo Update: You can revert the update back to its initial state with just a single click. Enable this setting to be able to undo settings update.
  • Product type: The plugin supports Simple, Variable products (parent and variations), and External products for bulk edit.
  • User Role based Bulk editing: You can bulk edit prices based on user roles using the plugin.

All the above features (and many more) are bundled to serve you to bulk edit WooCommerce products in your store.

Getting started

You can access the plugin settings in either of the following two ways:

  1. WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Bulk Edit Products.
  2. WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins > Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes for WooCommerce > Bulk Edit Products.

The bulk edit process comprises 4 simple stages, as explained below.

Filter the Products

The first step is to filter the products that you want to edit in bulk. The plugin provides the following filters to do the job.

  • Product Title: This allows you to filter products with the product titles that Starts withEnds with, or Contains the text expression.
    You can also filter using a Regular Expression match. The syntax for regular expression match is [regular expression]. For example, if you have to search for product titles containing numbers, then your search pattern should be [0–9]. Read the PHP Regular Replace Manual for more patterns and syntax.
  • Product Tags: You can choose various product tag or tags for filtering products.
  • Product Types: You can select from SimpleVariable (Parent) or Variable (Variation), or external product types for filtering.
  • Stock Status: You can filter products based on their current stock status such as In StockOut of Stock, or On Backorder.
  • Product Categories: Select the desired product categories that you have created in your WooCommerce store. Additionally, you can tick the Include Subcategories option to include sub-categories of the selected product categories.
  • Product Regular Price: Filter products with Product regular price using the following conditions –
  • All — Includes all products.
  • >= — Includes products with value, greater than or equal to the entered price.
  • <= — Includes products with value, lesser than or equal to the entered price.
  • == — Includes products with the value exactly equal to the entered price.
  • || Between — Enter the minimum and maximum regular price value to filter the products.
  • Description: It allows you to filter products with the product descriptions that Starts withEnds withContains, or Regex match with the text expression.
  • Short Description: It allows you to filter products with the product short descriptions that Starts withEnds withContains, or Regex match with the text expression.
  • Product Attributes: If you have created global attributes in your WooCommerce Attributes settings, they will be shown in this setting. You can use global product attributes to filter the products for editing. Once you have selected an attribute, you can select the desired Product Attribute Values for deeper filtering.
    You can group the attributes in OR and AND operations. The OR grouping with filter products that have either of the selected attribute & attribute values, whereas the AND grouping will filter products that have all the selected attribute & attribute values.

Remember, only the global product attributes (if created) will be displayed in this setting. If no global attributes are created, this setting will not show any options.

  • Custom Attributes: If you have created custom attributes in the Attributes settings on the individual product pages, they will show in this setting. You can use custom attributes to filter the products for editing.
  • Exclusions: Tick this checkbox to reveal further settings. You can exclude certain products from the filtered products, by specific their product IDs or selecting a specific category itself.

Once the above filters are configured, click on the Preview Filtered Products button.

[Tip: Click on the Reset Filters button on the bottom left corner to reset filters to their initial state.]

Preview the Products

The preview stage is necessary to examine whether the filtered products are the ones to be edited.

You can uncheck the products which should exclude before proceeding to the next step.

If you are not satisfied with the filtered result, you can click on the Back button, to go back and apply new filters. Else, click Continue to proceed to the next step.

Edit Products

In this panel, you can update several properties of the products filtered in the previous steps.

The product properties and its values that can be updated are:

The following are the advanced properties of WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes.

Bulk Edit WooCommerce Product Title

You can update Product titles with the following options:

  • Set New — Set a new product title for the products.
  • Append — Add custom text at the end of the existing product title.
  • Prepend — Add custom text at the beginning of the existing product title.
  • Replace — Replace certain words or full product title with the entered text.
  • RegEx Replace — Replace the entered regular expression pattern with the entered replacement value. More on the regular expression pattern in the respective PHP manual.

For example, I’ll prepend the text “My” to the title of all the T-Shirts.

Here’s what it will result in after I click Update Products.

Bulk Edit Product SKU Settings

Update Product SKU information with the following options –

  • Set New — Set a new product SKU for the products.
  • Append — Add custom value at the end of the existing product SKU.
  • Prepend — Add custom value at the beginning of the existing product SKU.
  • Replace — Replace certain words or full product SKU with the entered value.
  • RegEx Replace — Replace the entered regular expression pattern with the entered replacement value.

For example, I’ll replace the letter “A” in the product SKU “A201” to “B”.

This will result in product SKU value as “B201”.

Bulk Edit Product Visibility

Select from the following visibility options for the filtered products, on the Catalog/Search page.

  • Shop and Search — Filtered products will be available on both the shop page and the store’s search results.
  • Shop — Available only on the shop page.
  • Search — Available only in the store’s search results.
  • Hidden — Filtered products will be hidden from the shop completely.

For example, I’ll change the visibility of all the T-Shirts to Shop only.

The below screenshot shows the product is visible on the Shop page.

But when I search for the product in the search bar, the product is not found, as shown in the screenshot below.

Bulk Edit Featured Product Option

Here you can see 3 options: No Change, Yes, and No. If you choose ‘Yes’, the filtered product or products will get featured. If you don’t want to make them featured, choose ‘No’.

Bulk Edit Product Type

Change all selected products’ types to Simple or Variable products in bulk using this option.

Check the preview list of Simple products before changing them to Variable products.

Check the products’ list after the update.

Bulk Edit Product Shipping Class

Select the desired shipping class for the filtered products. If a shipping class is already assigned to a product, it will be replaced. Remember, if you have not created any Shipping class in your WooCommerce setting, no value will be shown in this dropdown list.

For example, I’ll apply the Clothing Class to the filtered Posters products.

The result will be as shown in the screenshot below.

Bulk Edit Product Description & Short Description

You can find 3 options here. Append, Prepend, and Set new for setting both product descriptions and short descriptions. If you choose ‘Append’, in the text box of the description you can enter the text to be appended along with the already existing product description or short description of filtered products. If you choose ‘Prepend’ the same action will take place except the entered text will be added prior to the already existing text. If you choose ‘Set new’ the entered text will replace the already existing one on all filtered products.

For example, if you want to add “On Offer” under the description of all the filtered products, you can set as,

It will show the product description as,

Bulk Edit Product Image

You can add an image URL to change or add the image to the filtered products.

It will change the filtered product image to the newly uploaded one.

Eg: I have filtered all products in the ‘Album’ category and set the product image link. The product image will be applied to all products in the ‘Album’ category.

Bulk Edit Product Gallery Images

Using this option you can Add, Remove, or Replace product images in the gallery of filtered products.

You can do these three actions on the filtered products by entering the image URLs with comma-separated.

Eg: I have added a new image link for all filtered products’ image gallery. It will be visible as,

Bulk Edit Product Visibility Status

You can bulk edit the visibility of selected products into Public or Password Protect.

If you have chosen Public, the selected products will be visible to all visitors of your store. If you have chosen Password Protect, you need to set a password, and this password will be required for the users to view the product.

Check an example of Password protected product when a customer visits the store.

Note: All products will be displayed on the Shop page even though you have protected them by a password.

Bulk Edit Product Price Properties

  • Regular Price: You can adjust the regular price with –
  • Increase by Percentage (+ %)
  • Decrease by Percentage (- %)
  • Increase by Price (+ $)
  • Decrease by Price (- $)
  • A Flat Price for All the products

For example, I’ll apply a flat price of $20 for all the products under the Poster category in my store.

The updated regular price for all filtered products is shown in the screenshot below.

  • Sale Price: You can adjust the sale price with the following values –
  • Increase by Percentage (+ %)
  • Decrease by Percentage (- %)
  • Increase by Price (+ $)
  • Decrease by Price (- $)
  • A Flat Price for All the products

For example, I’ll increase the Sale price of the filtered products by 5%.

The updated sale price is as shown in the below screenshot.

For the range values (increase and decrease) you can choose to round up, round down, or apply no rounding at all.

Bulk Edit Product Stock Properties

  • Manage Stock: You can choose to enable or disable stock management for all the filtered products and variations.
  • Stock Quantity: You can bulk update the stock by either increasing, decreasing, or replacing the stock value.

For example, I’ll increase the stock quantity of T-Shirts to 30.

The updated stock quantity is as shown in the below screenshot.

  • Allow Backorders: You can choose from the following options for backorders processing –
  • Do not Allow
  • Allow, but notify the Customer
  • Allow
  • Stock Status: Update the stock status for the filtered products as In stock, Out of stock, or On Backorder.

For example, I’ll update the stock status of all my products under the Posters category to Out of Stock.

Here’s how the stock status will be updated.

Bulk Edit Product Weight & Dimensions

  • Length/Width/Height: You can add, subtract, or replace the existing length/width/height of the filtered products in bulk.

For example, I’ll decrease the existing length of all my T-Shirt products to 3 cm.

The updated length size of T-Shirts will be as shown in the below screenshot.

  • Weight: Add, subtract, or replace the existing weight of the filtered products in bulk.

Bulk Edit Global Attributes

You can add, remove or overwrite global attributes with the existing ones to all the filtered products in bulk.

  • Attribute Action — Select desired action from Add New ValuesRemove Existing Values, and Overwrite Existing Values to make changes.
  • Attributes to Update — Once an action is selected in the previous setting, global product attributes will be shown here. Tick the desired attribute checkbox to apply changes.
  • Attributes Values (Existing) — The values of the respective attributes chosen in the previous setting will be listed in this setting. For example, if you have an attribute called ‘Color’, then its values can be different colors like red, blue, yellow, green, and so on.
    This setting helps in choosing only a specific attribute value for adding, removing, or overwriting values to all the filtered products.
  • Attributes Values (New) — If you wish to add new global attribute values for your products, you do not need to go to your WooCommerce Attributes settings. However, if you need to add a new Product attribute, you should use the default WooCommerce Attributes settings.
    With this setting, you can add or replace new attribute values. You can add or replace multiple values by entering one value in each row.
  • Used for Visible on the product page — You can enable or disable the option for determining whether the selected attribute values should be used for variations.
  • Used for Variation — You can choose to enable or disable whether the newly added attributes should be used for variation or not.

For example, I’ll add the new product attribute ‘Size’ (which I created in WooCommerce Attributes settings) to all my products. In addition to this, I’ll create new Size attributes values like Small, Medium, and Large, and apply the same, and use the same attributes for variation purpose as well.

Check the updated product page with new attributes.

Bulk Edit Custom Attributes

Using this option, you can remove one or more custom attributes of filtered products in your store.

Choose Remove Existing Attributes from the drop-down pick-up list to remove custom attributes in bulk.

Bulk Edit Product Tax Status & Tax Class

You can set tax status and tax class for the filtered products by using this feature. Before that, don’t forget to enable tax rates and calculations in the Settings tab of WooCommere. You can set the tax status and class for the filtered products in the ‘Tax’ option in the ‘Update the Products’ tab.

There are four options available for tax statuses such as Taxable, Shipping, and None. In tax class, you can choose Standard, Reduced rate, and Zero rate. You can choose from the drop-down menus according to your requirements.

Bulk Edit Product Variations

You can do a bulk edit to the product variations by changing one product attribute value to another value for the filtered products. You can enable the product attributes available in your WooCommerce site to interchange its value with another value for the products.

For example, we can change all the filtered Hoodies to ‘Small’ size using this feature.

After updating this, all the filtered ‘Hoodies’ will be changed to Small size.

Create Variations from All Attributes

You can enable this option to automatically create new variations with each and every possible combination of global and custom attributes of selected variable products. Also, you can bulk update the regular price and sale price of all generated variations of filtered variable products.

Once it is enabled, it generates all possible combinations of variations from global and custom attributes for the filtered products.

Bulk Edit Product Categories

You can bulk update your existing product categories for the filtered products. You can choose to add an existing product category, remove a category, or overwrite the selected category to the filtered products.

For example, I have removed the Clothing category from T-Shirts products.

Below is a screenshot that shows only the T-Shirt category shown in the product, after removing the Clothing category.

Bulk Delete WooCommerce Products

Using this feature, you can delete all filtered products. You have 2 options here: Move to the trash and Delete permanently.

If you choose ‘Delete Permanently’, it will delete all the filtered products permanently. If you don’t want to delete a product permanently and need to restore it in the future, you can choose ‘Move to trash’. If you choose that, you can find those products in the ‘Trash’ on the Products tab.

You can delete a product permanently from this tab if required.

Once all your settings are configured, click Continue.

[Tip: Click on the Reset Values button located on the bottom to reset field values to its initial state.]

Schedule Bulk Edit Jobs

The schedule settings allow you to apply the bulk update operation at a scheduled time. You can also save the job for future use. In addition to this, you can even choose to revert back the changes immediately or at a scheduled time.

  • Actions

There are two actions for scheduling jobs:

Perform the Bulk Edit Now — Allows you to bulk update products immediately.

You can choose to save it as a job by ticking the respective checkbox next to the Actions settings. This will save the settings as a separate job, allowing you to use or manage them in the future.

Schedule the bulk edit: You can choose to perform the bulk edit operation at a scheduled time. You can specify the date and time for the bulk update operation. Also, you can revert back the changes at a specified date and time. And you can set the schedule frequency such as Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. This feature is helpful when you want to apply bulk changes to products for only a specific time period.

  • Enter Name (Optional): Enter a suitable name to identify the jobs. By default, jobs will start from “job_1”.
  • Create a Log File: Tick this setting to create a log file of the settings. The log file will contain information related to all the product fields that are updated. This log file can be downloaded from the Jobs dashboard.

Click Finish to proceed with the update.

Apply Bulk Edit to Products

Once all your filtered products are updated, you’ll see a success message indicating that all the products are updated with details of date, time, and the number of products updated. You can go to undo the update from here if needed.

Undo the Last Update

If you are not happy with the last update to your products, you can revert back the changes easily. To revert back a specific job, go to the Jobs tab and click on the Revert icon in the respective task to revert back.

Remember, you can only undo the last update if you had updated the products with the checkbox being enabled.

  • To undo the last update, go to the first screen used for filtering the products and click on the Undo Last Update button, as shown in the below screenshot.

  • In the next step, you’ll be shown all the changes that you have made in your last update. If you have made multiple updates, tick the respective checkbox of the setting you want to revert back to its previous state.

In the below screenshot, my last update was applying a new attribute ‘Size’, setting the stock status to ‘In Stock’ and setting the tax status to ‘Shipping’ to all the filtered products.

Click Continue and confirm your action to proceed further.

  • If the undo operation is successful, you will see a pop-up window showing the success message, as shown in the screenshot below.

The ‘Size’ attribute will no longer be available for the products.

Custom Meta-Field Settings

Go to the Settings tab.

Just like WooCommerce product fields, you can also bulk update custom meta fields from third-party plugins like ELEX WooCommerce Catalog mode plugin, ELEX DHL Shipping plugin, ELEX EasyPost Shipping plugin, ELEX Australia Post Shipping plugin, and so on.

For example, to update a meta-field called Custom Meta for another plugin, you need to enter the meta key of the equivalent meta-field in this text field. You can enter multiple meta-keys by separating them with commas.

Once you save this setting, this field will appear at the end in the Bulk Edit operation settings, as shown in the screenshot below.

Manage Jobs

Go to the Jobs tab.

In this tab, you can view all your saved jobs. You can perform quick actions like editing, copying the job, performing a quick bulk update, reverting back the last update of a respective task, delete or cancel the task, and download the log file.

A screenshot with sample scheduled tasks is shown below.

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