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Search Engine Marketing or PPC(Google Ads)

PPC management involves advertising your business on search engines such as Google or their partner websites visited by your target audience. People see your product or service at the top when they search on Google or visit their favorite websites. This is key to putting your brand on top of your customers’ mind and get more sales opportunities.

Our Google Adwords Advertising Services

Google search
Google Search Ads

Leverage Google search network to put your ads at the top of the first page. When customers search for products or services like yours, your ads are visible to them directing traffic to your site.

google disply ads
Make your brand, products, and services visible to your customers as they browse their favorite websites, checking Youtube videos, using mobile app, or checking their Gmail.
youtube advertising
Youtube Advertising

Advertising on YouTube can generate you leads fast. With YouTube advertising, you can put your business in front of your target audience, and get value for your money without increasing budget.

google remarketing ads
Google Remarketing Ads

We use remarketing ads involve using banner ads to re-engage your recent website visitors. When people see your brand many times, they are likely to make a purchase.

google shopping
Google Shopping

Tap the power of Google Shopping Ads to grow your eCommerce business. These ads are displayed in search results when customer search for products you offer driving traffic to your website.

mobile advertising
Mobile Advertising

Reach your customers while they’re using their favorite apps on their mobile devices. With mobile advertising, you can generate brand awareness, traffic, and traffic fast without added costs.

Our PPC Marketing Process

Paid advertising will bring results quickly once campaign start running. Unlike organic rankings which take time, your ads are displayed on Google’s first page giving your business more exposure and visibility. This transforms into clicks as your audience click your ads to visit your website and convert into paying customers.

business assessment

Business Assessment

We analyze your business to get a better understanding of your industry, target customers, and goals. Then, we assign a PPC specialist to plan, and execute your ad campaign.

keyword research

Keyword Research

We conduct thorough research to identify keywords your target audience to search for something they are interested in. We take the most relevant and competitive keywords to use.

competitor audit

Competitor Audit

We closely monitor your competitors to determine how they are marketing themselves on search engines and apply this insight to develop a smarter strategy for your adwords campaign.

ad campaign

Ad/Campaign Creation

We develop ads to convey your brand message concisely. For each ad, we create a captivating headline, engaging copy, and target specific keywords. We also design visually appealing display ads.



We always keep you aware about your advertisements’ performance. Our adwords specialists will send monthly reports giving a breakdown of traffic, leads, and conversions generated from our PPC services.

Campaign Monitoring & Optimization

Ad/Campaign Monitoring & Optimization

We continuously keep an eye on your Adwords campaign to track results, and optimize ads to get better results. Additionally, we replace low-performing ads to keep great results coming to your business

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