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social media marketing

Our plans towards social media success.

Social media can be a powerful tool for small to medium sized businesses, but it takes big commitment. Given the nature of social media, it requires lots of love and attention and a willingness to engage directly with your audience – but with a social media strategy and careful planning to streamline your activity, it can become a manageable asset for your business.

social media strategy

Content Strategy

In order to determine the most suitable social media strategy for your business, we need to understand the overall business objectives and what output you need from social media to help you achieve your goals, whether that be:

  • Awareness (grow following)
  • Engagement with target audience so they become interested in your product
  • Enhance relationship with existing customers
social media optimization


This is about seeking to improve site engagement and conversion metrics (campaign, content and landing pages) to better drive conversions and sales.

Once your social media strategy is up and running, it needs to be continually optimised to improve over time and produce better outcomes. It’s all about planning, automating and identifying opportunities to maximise return.

social media analytics


One of the first steps in establishing the path forward for your social media strategy is to conduct a social media audit, which will assess all of your current social media profiles, including:

  • Page / profile set up: How well do you represent your brand and image with your “about us” description, images and core messaging? How prominent is your call to action, how well are you regarded in your customer reviews, and what is your average response rate to comments/enquiries?
  • Page / profile likes and followings: What is your current engagement like?
  • Sales: Are your social channels driving sales? (this is an indication that you are reaching the right audience)
  • Risk/reputation management: What is the timeliness and manner in which you respond to positive and negative comments/posts?
social media optimization

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